How to turn a Profit in Flipping Real Estate

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Making money with real estate is based on what the property cost and what is will cost the investor to restore it and get the property sold.  After purchasing for myself and clients 350+ properties and helping them buy, constract, and sell them my formula has stood the text of time.

This home below we finished and sold for $382,000 and purchased it for $170,000. The home was sold while I was Christmas Shopping in Philly. The property took 23 days to sale.  We had $100,000 in rehab on this property.

This property we purchased for $165,000 and sold it in 25 days for $225,000. This property had minimal work done on it and it came out very nice.
This property was purchased for for $150,000 and sold in 11 days for $304,900 and we had about $80,000 in rehab
When I am looking at any type of buy and sell real estate, I have to have a nice equity position on each property. When I look at each one I also need to know what the cost will be to rehab it. With the utilities and water off I still need to be close on the rehab cost.
The important factor is the location of the home and what are sells like in the area. The above properties are in very good locations.  Having the knowledge of what it will need for upgrades and the cost of them, in each individual area gives me and my clients a huge advantage.
Being a licensed real estate agent in two states lets me also market and sell these properties.  I have done extensive study on marketing real estate and understand that the local buyers are not the only buyers. There are people relocating and foreign buyers that need special assistance that we attract in our marketing system. We are writing for a client now that is a foreign national and works in the United States.
Having a seasoned agent that has bought and sold real estate for the last 17 years is a benefit.  If you are wanting to start buying and selling real estate then please consider me.  Brett 216-703-5740 Century 21 Premiere and 602-363-6551 West USA Realty.  I have all the services you need buy and sell real estate turn key.


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